La Garua This Sunday

From Griselda Ruiz:

Hello Tangueros Milongueros:

Hope you are enjoying the last days of sunshine, Fall is definitely upon us. Oh well must be time for this old bird to fly south.

This Sunday is La Garua again. Great dancing, lots of friends, delicious snacks, and the wonderful music of DJ John, the Gringo with the Argentine heart, and wine.

And… there is always the promise of romance in the air and in the embrace.. Now that the days are calling for some coziness, tune those radars girls to see if there is someone out there to share a good glass of wine by the fireplace with, in the Atumn darkness.

Every year we do our Harvest Fair, so if you are awash in produce from your garden, do bring some to share with the rest. My white grapes are ripe and ready to eat, so I will bring some of those. They are a hit every year.!

On our next Garua weekend, October 11th, we will have once again a special guest: “Muma” from Buenos Aires. Muma is a true “milonguera” with many years of experience as a dancer and teacher. She is highly respected in Argentina for her expertise in the “milonga with traspie”. Her didactic ability was honed during years of teaching with some great milonguero masters like the legendary Ricardo Vidort, and more recently with Flaco Dani Garcia, familiar to Seattle dancers. Muma will teach a progressive series of workshops starting on Saturday 9/10 at 12.30 in our venue at the Polish Home. She will cover from the fundamentals of milonga and tango technique to more advanced levels in the course of six exciting workshops. All details are spelled out in our announcement at “”. Please note the class will start promptly at 12. 30. Try and arrive 15-20 min earlier for a smooth registration process.