Source School Practica, 9/12

From Max Kepler:

This Saturday, 9/12, at the Source School Practica, the theme will be “Relationships between classic tango movements.” We will warm up with some new exercises for core stability and balance, and play around with techniques to strengthen the feet and ankles, making our footwork elegant, smooth, and stable. During the second hour we will investigate the relationships between classic tango movements such as ochos, ocho cortado, molinete, and barridas. We may finish the guided portion of the practice by playing games as a group to improve navigational skill and spatial awareness on the dance floor. The final hour will be open practice time, dancing to traditional tango, milonga, and vals cruzado in a wide variety of tempos.

The Source School Practica is held on Saturdays from 5 – 8PM at The Harlequin Source School, 7601 Greenwood Avenue North, Suite 103, Seattle. Cover is $10. All levels; couples and singles welcome.

For more information about the Source School Practica, please contact Max (425-522-2481, or visit the practica website at