A New Season, A New Look, A New Approach

This season of change brings a new look to, and a change of approach. Since 1996, when Gerri Krause started the website, through 2002 when I inherited the site, to present, has been an independent website, providing a comprehensive, non-partisan, unifying focal point for the Seattle tango community with no financial support from teachers or organizers (although many provided the webmaster with guest admission to some of their events in appreciation for this service). The exception to this was the fundraiser benefit in March 2008 organized by Greg Thomsen, Gery Rudolph, and Patty Leverett. Donations from various teachers, performers, and artists, and, most generously, from you, provided incentive to keep this valuable resource going.

This labor of love has lasted 7 years for me, but it is now time to reinvent, refresh, and renew. Running this website has taken its toll on its webmasters, and, rather than turning it over to yet another person who will eventually also burn out, I am temporarily turning it over to the teachers and organizers who wish to collaborate and support it financially, and to you, the Seattle tango community at large. Sort of.

Teachers and organizers who wish to have their events, classes, and announcements posted on the events calendar and on the main website will be able to do so after donation of a minimal maintenance fee. Opportunities for higher visibility communications will also be available. This new structure will compensate the webmaster for a portion of the time spent maintaining the site, and will give teachers and organizers the ability to reach the entire audience of Specific details will be emailed to the teachers and organizers, and will be available on request.

If you find this website useful and want to support it, participate in it somehow, either by contributing your thoughts and announcements for free on the new Message Board forum, and/or by making a financial donation to provide a tangible incentive to the webmaster to maintain this service.

John Lee