La Garua All Weekend

From Griselda Ruiz:

Hello Tangueros Milongueros:

Just a reminder that this coming Sunday we have La Garua again, and that there are many surprises in store for all of you. As you know we are having workshops with Muma this weekend, please see below Armando’s announcement. Then, after working on our technique all weekend, we get to show off at the milonga. Great tango weekend before I take off for the trip I dreamt of all my life: I am going to China !!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Silk shops here I come. Griselda

We are hosting a series of “progressive” workshops by Muma from Buenos Aires , an authority on the close embrace milonguero style and a master of the “milonga with traspie”. Muma recently conducted workshops in Vancouver BC and in Portland , with great success. Enthusiastic reviews of her teaching impact appeared immediately after in Tweets by the Canadian organizers, who felt that “Muma brought to Canada the spirit of Ricardo Vidort”, a legendary milonguero who was her teaching partners for years. We expect nothing less that a wonderful series of classes here in Seattle . From this recent experience, I recommend that students of any level start with the first class on Saturday, starting at 12.30 at the Polish Home. The progressive nature of the series makes it more effective when one start from the fundamentals and adds on material in each subsequent class. For this reason we have designed a special package price for the whole two-day series at $ 100.00 to facilitate your registration and enhance the learning impact. Each individual workshop is of course available to anyone.

The milonga on Sunday evening also looks promising, with several invited guests, some personal celebrations and goodies to match! We look forward to seeing you all there for a wonderful dancing time!