Message Board now available!

The free Message Board is finally available! Visit (mb for Message Board). This free community resource is provided to enable communication between members of Seattle’s Argentine Tango community. Post announcements about classes, milongas, practicas, special events, and workshops, or post information that you feel is of value to the community. Let people know about your apartment for rent in Buenos Aires, or the shoes or jewelry you have for sale.

Registration is free and easy, but is required if you want to post. Your participation indicates your agreement to abide by the following simple rules of forum etiquette. If you do not agree, do not use the message board.

  • Be courteous.
  • Refrain from personal attacks.
  • No spam.
  • Avoid slang or SMS-style (texting) abbreviations. Strive to write in good, understandable English. However, be understanding of members who may not have English as their primary language.
  • Try to provide useful, accurate information, not just your opinion.
  • Debating and discussion are fine. However, we will not tolerate rudeness, insulting posts, personal attacks or purposeless inflammatory posts.

We want to give you as much freedom as possible but with that freedom comes responsibility. People who are persistently rude to others and become irritating community members will have their accounts blocked.

Register now and start posting! Or just visit to browse around and see what’s there.

John Lee

Some housekeeping details:

  • Your password will be emailed to you after the registration request is approved by a moderator. You may change this automatically generated password to something easier to remember (but probably less secure) by logging in, then clicking on your name to access your profile, then clicking on Edit to change your password.
  • Please choose a username without spaces or funky characters. City, state, and zip code are required during registration to minimize spam registrations. Website field is optional.
  • You may edit your own posts for up to 60 minutes after the original posting, to correct spelling and typographical errors, fix formatting, etc. If you need to make a correction after this time, just reply to your own post with a correction.
  • Images and attachments are not allowed, due to security and bandwidth concerns. You may link to these on your own webstite if you wish. Avatars are automatically generated courtesy of monsterid. If there is enough interest, uploaded avatars or gravatars can be allowed. Contact us.
  • Formatting of text can be accomplished by highlighting or selecting it, then clicking on the appropriate button: “b” for bold, “i” for italics, “URL” to turn it into a link, etc. To make a bullet list, click on “ul”; for a numbered list click on “ol”. In either case, each item in the list is marked with “li”.
  • Use tags, separated by commas, to add keywords that can help people find your post.

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