Special Workshop with Susana Miller- November 6th-8th

From Tony & Ilana:

Dear Dancers,

Ilana and I are proud to present a special weekend of tango workshops featuring our dear master Susana Miller.

Attached below is Susana’s workshop schedule for the weekend of November 6th-8th.

Susana is a remarkable teacher, not only for her command of the dance, but because she deeply understands how people learn it. Susana began to study the ways in which the older milongueros danced in the mid 1980s. The older milongueros didn’t teach classes. The close embrace style of tango, which predominates in the central Buenos Aires where dance floors are crowded, was in jeopardy of being lost as those older dancers past away or stopped dancing because of age and/or poor health. With an eye toward teaching, Susana worked with them to understand better what they did and how they did it.

In a 1999 article in the Buenos Aires daily paper “Clarin,” she was named one of the four most important contemporary influences in tango.

Many experienced dancers say that Susana helped them discover what was missing from their dance.

This year marks the 12th anniversary we hosted Susana to Seattle. Susanna is a very important teacher of our time.

This is your opportunity to study with the master of the Milonguero style tango.

There will also be a special dance on Saturday, November 7th at the Dance Underground with a tango performance by Susana.

I will be your DJ for that evening. The cost is $10 for this special dance.

For more information, please contact Tony & Ilana at 206-781-9553 or e-mail us:

Come dance this Saturday night if you are in town. Ana Waisman will be our DJ!

Thank you,

Tony Fan & Ilana Rubin

Seattle Tango Workshop with Susana Miller, November 6th-8th

“Susanna was the first teacher that revealed to me the energy levels that different tango movements have according to the music. Other teachers taught steps, Susana taught steps that had variations in energy in sync with the music and that therefore were communicated to a partner with meaning. The depth of that musicality is the greatest gift she has given me.” …Barbara Durr, Atlanta

Friday, November 6th
Greenwood Snr. Activity Center- 525 N 85th, Greenwood

A. 7:30PM – 9:45PM Everybody’s Workshop (All levels)
A full 2 hour workshop (with 15 min. break) designed for dancers to advance their technique on: posture, embrace, connection, & rhythm.

Saturday, November 7th

Dance Underground- 340 15th E, Capitol hill

B. 1:30PM – 3:00PM Fancy Walking Steps (Int.)
Men & women: Let’s learn some fancy walking steps in close embrace! Women: How to gain balance in walking & how to free your feet from pain!

C. 3:30PM – 5:00PM Different Types of Interesting Traspies (Int.)
Men & women: New & interesting steps!!! Women: How to play your feet to the rhythm.

D. 5:15PM – 6:45PM Milonga Caminada- Colorful Details! (Int.)
How to dance a slow milonga & how to dance a fast one. Plus one beautiful milonga traspie!!!

9:30PM -1:00AM Special Saturday Night Dance

Dance Underground
340 15th E, Capitol Hill
(Down stairs in the Bagel Deli Building.)
Special guests: Susana Miller
DJ: Tony Fan

Sunday, November 8th

Dance Underground- 340 15th E, Capitol hill

E. 2:30PM – 4:00PM Vals- Turns with Double Sacadas (Int./ Adv.)
Men: Special technique in Portenos turns! Women: How to gain balance while you turn!

F. 4:15PM – 5:45PM Voleos and WaitingTimes (Int./ Adv)
Men: How to deal with elegant rhythms and be smooth. Women: Body play and footwork.

Workshop Website Link:

Workshop Locations

Greenwood Snr Activity Center (Friday event only)
525 N 85th (Free parking lot!)

Dance Underground (Saturday & Sunday Events)
340 15th E (in Seattle’s Capitol Hill district)
(downstairs in the Bagel Deli Building.)

Workshop Fee

For Friday Workshop only
$30 for workshop ‘A’

For Saturday & Sunday workshops (workshops ‘B’ thru ‘F’ only):
$25 per workshop per person
$60 for package of any 3 workshops per person
$20 per workshop if registered for 4 or more workshops per person
$120 for all workshops per person
$10 special Saturday night dance with special guests Susana Miller


Please contact Ilana Rubin at 206.781.9553
or register by email at