La Garua And Muma this Weekend

Tangueros Milongueros:

This weekend La Garua will have the pleasure of hosting “Muma”, one of the great milonguero teachers from Buenos Aires. She will conduct two workshops each day on Saturday and Sunday, October 23 and 24th. She will also be the guest of honor in our Sunday milonga. The program for her classes is listed online at the usual site: “”. The workshops will be useful to dancers of all levels sue to the unique, progressive approach she uses when teaching the milonga and the “traspie”.

For those of you who prefer to avoid the Internet, I am attaching two files with the class schedule and a description of who Muma is, (and what she brings to the Pacific NW). There is also a link to several videos that show Muma dancing with her old teaching partner, Dani “Flaco” Garcia, as well as other partners in Buenos Aires. They show her in action, and exemplify the subtle milonguero way, its attention to rhythm and the avoidance of unnecessary shoulder or hip movements. The “cadencia” or swing comes directly from the heart.

Looking forward to seeing you at the workshops and at our Sunday “La Garua”,

Armando and Griselda