La Garua This Sunday

[posted on behalf of Griselda Ruiz]

Hello Tangueros Milongueros:

Sorry I have not been able to write the emails in a long while; DJ John has been sending them. I have been buried in work since June. I am finally starting to see light at the end of the tunnel and what a dark long tunnel it has been.

After 2 Sundays without La Garua it is finally time to see you all again and to share a hug, some laughter and some great dancing. Days are getting dark and cold, and this old bird has to fly south, to defrost in the warmth of a milonguero embrace in Buenos Aires!!! So this will be my last milonga before my trip and I am soooo excited.

I will miss you all and wish I could take you with me, what fun we could have roaming the streets of Buenos Aires together, and going to all my favorite milongas. Maybe some day we will organize a grand trip there and have a blast.

In the meantime I leave you in the hands of our capable and faithful announcer and life time supporter of La Garua, Armando. He and Diana will be in charge of the holiday schedule which they will announce this Sunday. We are ever so grateful to them for stepping in, and working so hard to keep the continuity of La Garua.

So come and bring friends, enemies, students, sympathizers this Sunday. And let’s dance to the great music of DJ John. See you there!!!!


2 thoughts on “La Garua This Sunday

  1. (Replied on 11/14 on behalf of Griselda):

    Yes all events posted on are open to newcomers, unless otherwise specified. Hope to see you there!


  2. Hi Griselda,

    i am new new to the tango scene in Seattle but am in love with the dance and the music. Is this event open to newcomers? I would love to be there.



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