La Garua-Last great milonga of 2010

[Posted on behalf of Armando]

Dear Friends of La Garua

Our final 2010 milonga is happening this Sunday. As the previous one, it will be organized by the “alternate team” with Diana, Enrique and myself, with great help from Ken Brown and other friends, while Griselda and John enjoy the heat and sunshine in Tucuman. We remind you that we will be closed on December 26th.

The DJ this week will be Andrew Brown, a man of good taste and extensive experience, who is very respected by the community.

In this 10th year of life for La Garua, we are grateful to you all for helping our efforts to support the traditional Argentine tango dancing in the close embrace, milonguero style. This predominant style in Buenos Aires is known for its codes of good navigation, respect for the other dancers, attention to the rhythm, and heartfelt communication between the partners.

As usual, all practical details about this event can be found online at “”.

We look forward to seeing all of you there,

Armando, Diana and Enrique (Kique)