La Garua Tango-Tea: First Milonga of 2011

[Posted on behalf of Armando]

Dear Friends of La Garua

Next Sunday, January 9th between 5.30 and 9.30 PM, we will be celebrating the first milonga of the year, in our usual location at the Polish Home, 1714 18th Ave just N of Madison. This will be the last milonga organized by the “alternate team” with Armando, Diana and Enrique, before John and Griselda return from Argentina. The DJ will be the popular Anton Sukhanov (aka “Bolshoi”, among friends), an erudite connoisseur of Tango music, who will choose the most appropriate rhythms for social dancing. As usual, we will have refreshments and cakes, as well as complimentary wine and cheese.

La Garua continues the pathway we set in over 10 years of continuous operation, to be the most eloquent supporters of traditional Argentine tango dancing. In particular, we believe that “closed-embrace, milonguero style” offers the greatest opportunity for heartfelt communication between the dancing partners. We favor the “cabeceo”, the code of eye contact and subtle head signals for inviting someone to dance; careful navigation on a single lane; no unnecessary lane crossing; and no backing up against the flow of dancers. And we will continue our practice of inviting the best-known master teachers of the “milonguero style” to visit us from Argentina to share their knowledge. Thus, we have great expectations for the upcoming workshops by our admired Alicia Pons on the last week in March. Please save the date for this special occasion!

Looking forward to seeing you all at La Garua this weekend!

Armando, Diana and Enrique