“La Garua Tango-Tea” This Sunday

[Posted on behalf of Armando]

Dear milongueros and friends of La Garua

Once again we expect the pleasure of seeing you at our milonga this Sunday. John Isley, our official leader and DJ has landed in Seattle an hour ago! This marks the return to the original management team, the provider of our complimentary wine, and the man responsible for keeping us moving non stop during the milonga.

Another piece of good news is that our favorite teacher, milonguero master Alicia Pons has just been granted the US visa. She will be starting her teaching tour of eight cities soon, and will be teaching at La Garua on the fourth weekend in March. Mark your calendars, her classes are not to be missed! Hopefully, she will help Seattle become the NW center for the close embrace (milonguero style) of tango dancing, that we so admire.

For those who may be interested, Alberto Dassieu, a well-kown milonguero from Buenos Aires will be teaching workshops in Vancouver BC on 1/27 to 1/30. He is a wonderful specialist in the music of Pugliese and the Vals rhythm. This is worth a detour to Canada!

Looking forward to your company on Sunday,

Armando, (for John Isley)