Announcing: All Milonga Pass!

By special arrangement, is proud to announce the 2011 ALL MILONGA PASS. Just flash this pass at any milonga in Seattle and avoid the long lines or the need to have correct change. For the price of just one milonga per week, you can dance at every milonga* every week for an entire year!

$300 for 1 year, expires March 31, 2012. Limited availability, buy yours today, offer ends soon.

*Practicas coming soon!

5 thoughts on “Announcing: All Milonga Pass!

  1. Yes, the pass is good for all special dances, you just pay the difference between the regular price and the special price. This will be handled by an automatic withdrawal from your bank account when you use it.

    Also, due to your biometric data embedded in the device, you will not be able to share or transfer the pass. Such unauthorized usage will result in your bank account being charged the entrada plus a $5 convenience fee for each occurrence.

  2. Also, is the pass transferable or just usable by the purchaser? Can I let others use the pass if I’m not going to the milonga?

  3. It is not clear if this pass is valid for special event milongas. For example, tomorrow’s Saturday night dance with performance of Ariadna Naveira and Fernando Sanchez cost $2 more then regular Saturday night dance, because of special event. Do pass holders have to pay extra surcharge or they still enter for free? There are also one time events, such as 4th of July milonga, New Years milonga, etc. If special events are not included, it would make sence to offer another more expensive VIP option, which will include all special and one time events.

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