Essential Tango with Sara Thomsen, Saturday October 25

ESSENTIAL TANGO WORKSHOP! (Beginner course or fundamentals for any level).

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October 25th, from 12-4pm.

Learn Argentine Tango from the felt sense. Sara will give you a “feeling map” of the different shapes, steps, and dynamics that are essential to Argentine Tango. In this complex dance it is crucial that you orient yourself by feeling, so that you can immediately enjoy the endless creativity and musicality unique to Tango.

-Fundamental figures and rules

-Connection and embrace


-Relaxed alignment

This a unique opportunity to start or deepen your understanding of Tango or learn universal
partner dance skills for this or other dances.
750 N 34th Street
Fremont, Seattle

Sara Thomsen lives and dances in Argentina, the birthplace of this, most hallowed Latin Partner Dance Form! She’s worked and danced with such artists as Pablo Veron, Julio Balmaceda and Albano Goldenberg. She is also a highly trained instructor of yoga and now teaches the Gyrotonic Method.