Milonga La GarĂșa March 8

(posted on behalf of La Garua)

Hello Tangueros Milongueros:

Well all good things must come to an end and mine is certainly ending. Tomorrow we start our pilgrimage back to the US. A few days in Buenos Aires and then on to Seattle.

We will be there for the next La Garua, tanned, tired, and a bit homesick but ready to see all of you again, and to put on another great milonga for you with the able help of our winter team and all of our incredible volunteers.

You will not recognize your DJ, he is several shades darker, and much healthier, walking well and even dancing on his new knee. He will be there to delight you with his music.

We are so looking forward to seeing all your smiling faces again.

See you next Sunday!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Griselda and DJohn