Guillermo De Fazio Macana and Sara Thomsen, April 18-19

Tango En Vie presents

Guillermo De Fazio
of Los Hermanos Macana, for the first time ever in Seattle
with Sara Thomsen

Saturday Workshops
Century Ballroom

915 E Pine

1:30-2:45 Essential Elements of Tango: ochos and voles -beg

3-4:15 Fantastic Vals Steps -int

4:30-5:45 Tango Sequences of Los Hermanos Macana-adv

Pre-Milonga lesson all levels
Dance Underground
340 15th ave E

8:15-9:15 Tango Turns in Three Counts-all levels
$18 class + milonga (pay at door)

Sunday Workshops
Dance Underground

2:30-3:45 Elegant 8 Count Turns-int

4-5:15 Sequences of Famous Tango Masters-adv

Saturday and Sunday workshops $30 each or $25 for 2 or more
pre-registration required to maintain lead follow ratio
or contact Sara Thomsen via Facebook

Guillermo De Fazio is one of the fantastic pair of brothers Los Hermanos Macana. They are world renown dancers, choreographers and performers born in Buenos Aires. After studing tango and other popular dancers he took his first tango steps in 1995 at Graciel’s Club located in the district of San Cristobal in the city of Buenos Aires. In 1998 they created the choreography “Mala Junta with which took them to perform and the most prominent theaters and events worldwide. Robert Duval featured them in is film film “Assassination Tango”. Guillermo has toured for 10 years with his brother in Europe, USA, South America, Austraila, and Asia. The brothers have shared the stage with such artists as Placido Domingo in 2010 and were invited by Mikhail Baryshnikov to a major art festival in Sarasota in 2011. In 2012 they began their entertainment company Tango Macho, with 10 dancers and the best genuine live music. Now Guillermo and Sara pair up to bring you world class tango instruction!

Sara loves sharing the the joy of movement and guiding students on the easiest route to freedom, creativity, and refinement in tango. With almost 20 years of tango and over 25 years of dance, yoga, martial arts training she translates the feeling of movement to any student. Sara has lived intermittently and studied intensively in Buenos Aires over last decade. She has toured in Europe, Canada, and the US for yoga and Tango. She is a senior Forrest Yoga teacher as well as a Gyrotonic method teacher. She created and directed the tango group Tango En Vie in Seattle. Assisted Pablo Veron in Canada, North and South America and help in the development of his teaching method. She has also assisted Julio Balmaceda and toured with Albano Goldenberg. In addition to stage performance and choreography she brings understanding from dozens of social and competitive dance forms to her teaching. Sara is honored to have the opportunity to teach with such a accomplished dancer as Guillermo De Fazio of the Hermanos Macana!