Enzo Hoces Montes and Sara Thomsen Salon Tango Immersion Sept 8-14

Enzo Hoces Montes and Sara Thomsen Salon Tango Immersion

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First time in the USA!


25th Tuesday
Salsa Con Todo
750 N 34th st

9pm Core movements
Guest teacher Enzo Hoces and Sara

10-11:15pm Tango turns, moments of disassociation


8th Tuesday
Salsa Con Todo

9pm Core Movements
Guest teacher Enzo Hoces an Sara

10-11:15pm Sacadas Technique: different interpretations of the lead (low and high sacadas)

9th Wednesday
Bo Rahp
4272 Fremont Ave N

7-8:15pm Fundamentals of partnership technique

8:15-9:15pm Changes of direction and changes of weight Beginning/Intermediate

10th Thursday
Dance Underground
340 15th Ave E

7-8:15pm Circular walks, changes of direction Intermediate

8:15- 9:30pm Different types of ocho (introduction to boleos) Begining
$20 each class

11th Friday
915 E Pine

8:30-9:30pm Tango turns and changes of direction

2nd Friday Milonga with Demonstration

12th Saturday
Salsa Con Todo
750 N 34th st

Level: Intermediate/Advanced

2-3:30pm Milonga traspies in different directions

3:45-5:15pm Tango: Rhythm changes

5:30-7pm Vals: walking sequences and sacadas

$25 each or $100 for all 5 weekend workshops

13th Sunday
Salsa Con Todo
Level Intermediate/Advanced

1:30- 3pm Milonga crossed rebotes and changes of weight

3-7pm Private Lessons Available

7-8:30pm Tango technique boleo with rhythmical variations

$25 each or $100 for all 5 weekend workshops

14th Monday
Private lessons available

Contact Sara to pre-register for classes and Schedule private lessons. 206-834-5276

“If you are in Seattle or near the West Coast, these workshops are not to be missed! I have been a fan of Enzo’s dancing for a long time. I am happy that he will finally come to the US to teach and influence our tango salon! Check out his performance videos when you get a chance!!” – Ney Melo

Satoshi Itoi -“I should testify that Enzo is the best teacher from Paris!! but not only in Tango.. He is the the warmest person I ever knew in Paris:)”

======= BIO of ENZO HOCES ==============
Enzo Hoces began dancing tango as a young boy. At nine years old he took his first steps in Santiago de Chile, with his father. Throughout his childhood and youth the tango was a sport and and study which later transformed into a life expression when Carlos Gavito told him “get yourself to Buenos Aires”.

It was between 2000 and 2005 he traveled between Santiago and Buenos Aires. Giving tango performances, frequenting milongas, television shows, and taking classes from the great masters that he decided to put roots in Buenos Aires.

Between 2005 and 2011 he lived in Buenos Aires, submersing deeply in tango and it’s culture. He discovered the great master Javier Rodriquez, performed in the milongas and solidified his professional path with Tango.

Since 2001 he has relocated to Paris working between Italy and France. Performing teaching there and in Russia, Hong Kong, Slovenia, Romania, Germany and other countries.
The tango of Enzo Hoces mixes the fascination of the relationship between man and woman, respect for tango as a social dance, the versatility of musical interpretation, and the presence and feeling Tanguero.

============BIO SARA=========================
Sara loves sharing the the joy of movement and guiding students on the easiest route to freedom, creativity, and refinement in tango. With almost 20 years of tango and over 25 years of dance, yoga, martial arts training she translates the feeling of movement to any student. Sara has lived intermittently and studied intensively in Buenos Aires over last decade. She has toured in Europe, Canada, and the US for yoga and Tango.
She is a senior Forrest Yoga teacher as well as a Gyrotonic method teacher. She created and directed the tango school and group Tango En Vie in Seattle. Assisted Pablo Veron in Canada, North and South America and help in the development of his teaching method. She has also assisted Julio Balmaceda and toured with Albano Goldenberg. In addition to stage performance and choreography she brings understanding from dozens of
social and competitive dance forms to her teaching. Sara teaches and performs with the accomplished dancer and performer as Guillermo De Fazio of the Hermanos Mancana. Now for the first time in the USA Sara and Enzo bring you this elegant style of salon tango!

Downloadable brochure: