MUMA-Milonguera From Buenos Aires October 3rd.-4th, 2015

MUMA-Milonguera From Buenos Aires
October 3rd.-4th, 2015 at Dance Underground, Seattle
Organizer: Armando Lindner

MUMA is a tango teacher and a dancer of enormous experience. She was born in Buenos Aires, the cradle of tango, where she has taught with the best milongueros of her generation. She is coming as part of her West Coast Tour of the USA to share her accumulated knowledge and her teaching with the late Ricardo Vidort, considered one of the best milongueros of his time. His remarkable walk and musicality cannot be reproduced, but MUMA can teach us with the subtle moves of her own body what it felt like dancing with him. She has also taught extensively with the inimitable Dani ‘Flaco’ Garcia, one of the living giants of the milonga with traspié, the specialty that makes MUMA sought after in B.A. Having a milonguera of this caliber in Seattle is an opportunity not to be missed by dancers of any level, but especially by the more experienced ones who can perfect their already good style. If one of your goals is to dance in B.A. with the best of the milongueros, these classes are made for you.

These four progressive workshops will include a large variety of elements in every class, such as: milonga lisa and with traspié; the “milonguero walk à la Vidort;” turns and counter-turns as they apply to the different rhythms of tango, milonga and vals; and contrasting the rhythm of Juan D’Arienzo with other orchestras. We recommend starting from her first workshop, but the classes can be picked up at any time by dancers of any level, especially those with more experience.

The following two links show Muma dancing with her friend Dani Garcia at milonga “Sunderland”, and at another venue. The third one shows her skills with the legendary Ricardo Vidort in Buenos Aires. Finally, she narrates her personal experience of dancing, teaching with, and befriending this great milonguero:

MUMA’s 2015 Seattle Schedule
All Workshops Will Be At Dance Underground, 340 15th Ave E

SATURDAY October 3rd

CLASS 1: From 1 to 2.30 PM.
Milonga with traspié. Milonguero style for Tango, Vals and Milonga. Posture and rhythm, “milonguero walk à la Vidort.”

CLASS 2: From 3 to 4.30 PM.
Sequences for milonga lisa and with Traspié. Dancing to D’Arienzo, styles before/after the 1940’s.

Muma will attend the Saturday night milonga at Dance Underground

SUNDAY October 4th

CLASS 3: From 1 to 2.30 PM.
Advanced sequences for Milonga lisa and with Traspié. Milonguero turns, to right and left.

CLASS 4: From 3 to 4.30 PM.
Dancing to D’Arienzo’s Tango and Vals. Perfecting the Milonga with Traspié. Integrating material from all four classes into a general practice of all elements.

Cost: $ 35.00 for one class only; $30.00 each for two or three classes, or $ 100.00 for the entire two-day workshops.

Private Classes on Oct 5-7th are $ 80 for one person, $ 100 for a couple. Please schedule with Armando at 206-232-2580