Special Workshops w/visiting Feldenkrais Practicioner Sat 3/19

Feldenkrais for Dancers 3/19/16 – all levels – 1.5 hour workshop – $15/person

“by understanding what you are doing – you can do what you want”

This workshop will show you how to re-connect with your natural ability to move, think and feel (three things we all certainly use in our dance!). You’ll learn to move with less effort and notice the relationship between movement and thought, increased mental awareness and creativity.

Feldenkrais is about movement, balance, and how you carry yourself. It is not dance specific; it applies to all dances; it is suitable for all levels of dancer, from beginner to professional. It aims to improve the range, comfort and quality of how you move. It teaches you how your current habits of moving can be self-limiting, or even damaging. By understanding how you move, both on a physical and a mental/emotional level, it will improve your posture, flexibility and mobility.

Our habits follow us everywhere – As we gain more understanding of how we walk and stand in our daily life we improve how we move on the dance floor..

Transforming thru Tango 3/19/16 – 2 hour workshop – dance experience or 1st workshop required – $20/person (or $30 for both)

Understand connection to others through self awareness – It is in relationship that we learn about ourselves. How we behave on the dance floor is the same as how we behave in life. This workshop will address the factors that “hold you back” from being the person you want to be. Through a series of physical & technique oriented exercises, self-evaluation tools … and of course by dancing, you will gain a greater understanding of self, others and how you react to situations … which will improve your dance and your life!

Experienced Dance/Tango Instructor & visiting Feldenkrais Practicioner Gwen Spinks will be teaching & leading both Workshops – see

Workshops held in Kirkland Sat, March 19th 1-5pm – singles/couples welcome – #’s will be limited

“Feldenkrais for Dancers” 1-2:30pm Sat, March 19th $15/person

“Transforming thru Tango” 2:45-5pm Sat, March 19th $20/per ($30 for both)

Pot Luck Dinner for participants will follow the workshops – info forthcoming:-))

Q’s & pre registration to Patty at 206.595.2047 / /