Eva Garlez and Pablo Rodriguez workshop May 13-15, 2016

We are excited to have Eva Garlez and Pablo Rodriguez in Seattle for a 3 day-workshop.

Eva Garlez & Pablo Rodriguez are internationally recognized Argentine Tango teachers specializing in Tango Milonguero. They grew up in Buenos Aires surrounded with tango music and have traveled the world giving seminars and performances. Their youth and energy bring a breath of fresh air into teaching. More about them, please visit

If you are new to Milongero style, this is an opportunity to learn about it. If you are familiar with Milongero style, this is a chance to deepen your understanding.

Workshop schedule:
All levels
Friday, May 13 7:00-8:30pm “Useful Tango combinations for the dance floor”
-This helps to manage and facilitate circulation on the dance floor

Intermediate/Advance levels
Saturday, May 14 1:00-2:30pm “Tango: Unconventional Sacadas”
-Will help to improve your body language to open the way to new possibilities

Saturday, May 14 3:00-4:30pm “Milonga turns”
-Adding new skills that will increase the possibility to achieve direction changes and have a lot of fun in the process

Sunday, May 15 1:00-2:30p “Tango Boleos” -Beautiful boleos for the social dance floor

Sunday, May 15 3:00-4:30pm “Vals” -Playing the “outside partner” game like a master

Class location: All classes take place at
Dance Underground, 340 15th E, Capitol Hill

Pricing: per class-$30, if you pay in advance $25 each, a whole package in advance $120
Please send an email to Naoko for an advance payment instruction.

Private lessons: Eva and Pablo are available for private lessons between May 11-16.
$100 per hour either by Eva or Pablo, $150 by both
To schedule a private lesson, please send an email to Naoko