Jennifer Bruner



Jennifer, who has a long history of trying crazy physical challenges – from ultra running (she was pretty good!) to parkour (she really sucked) – stumbled into Tango in 2011 and was instantly hooked by the beauty, complexity and intimacy of the dance. After a lengthy career in technology, Jennifer is now a full time dancer, known for combining elegance, beauty, power and precision in her teaching and performing.

Jennifer has traveled to Buenos Aires multiple times for Tango and studied with diverse local and international instructors, including Jaimes Friedgen & Christa Rodriguez, Sara Thomsen, Julio Balmaceda, Enzo Hoces and Virginia Parilla & Yannick Wyler. Starting in 2013 with The Eighth Style School of Tango, Jennifer has been teaching and performing all over the Seattle area, including several popular stints as a guest instructor for UW Tango Club, collaborating on performances with local tango duo Sol De Noche and co-running the tango program at Belltown Dance Studio with Koa Hons. In 2016 she launched La Bohemia Tango and began offering her own classes, and selling luxury Tango shoes to select clients. She now runs her own tango program La Bohemia Tango at the Lowdown Ballroom on Capitol Hill and performs weekly as a resident dancer every Friday at the Buenos Aires Grill. Jennifer has also studied the Gyrotonic Method for over a decade and is a certified Gyrokinesis instructor who teaches dancers and people with chronic pain in the Seattle area. For more information on group classes, private instruction tango shoes and performance rates, you can find Jennifer via her website & Facebook page or contact her directly at