Koa Hons & Porscha McRobbie

website: www.koatango.com
email: koatango@gmail.com


Koa Hons, a tanguero originally from Hawaii, was mesmerized by the connection, movement and music after watching the world famous Forever Tango group perform in Seattle in 2008. This was a transformative point in his life! His tango adventure started immediately and with tenacity by participating in Argentine tango classes in Tacoma and in Seattle. His love of the culture, music and the abrazo (embrace) has fueled his passion for Tango.

In 2009 he started teaching Argentine Tango in Olympia & Tacoma, WA with Jenny Mulligan, and since then has taught in Seattle with Michelle Badion, Belllingham, and Vancouver B.C. His instructors include Jenny Mulligan, Carlos Barrionuevo & Mayte Valdes (BsAs), Eva Lucero & Patricio Touceda (BsAs), Michelle Badion (USA), and a wide range of other instructors from Berlin, New York, L.A., & San Francisco.

Koa competed in his first competition in the 2011 Seattle Tangoearth Immersion Salon Tango Competition and placed 2nd. Among frequenting local milongas (social tango dances) & Tango festivals in the US & Canada, he recently performed with Michelle Badion and at the Seattle Folklife Festival, Northwest Dance Extravaganza and other functions.

Koa focuses on sharing his passion for tango with his students and anyone willing. He thrives to inspire a desire to pursue the connection, community, and music involved within this loved dance. With his analytical attention to detail and technique, development of an individual’s dance ability is the goal, and the method is guided by cooperative learning amongst students, gentle elastic connection between partners, playful exploration of possibilities, and plenty of fun!


Porscha’s foray into tango began in 2011, when she was taken to a milonga to hear some live music. She was immediately allured by the elegance and sensitivity of the dance, enrolled in a beginner class the following week, and has since never stopped. She took numerous classes and workshops around the Midwest before moving to Seattle in 2012. Since then, she has studied extensively with Patricio Touceda and Eva Lucero, as well as occasional visiting instructors. She has assisted many classes, and performed at the Seattle Argentine Tango Showcase for the past two years. Although tango is her primary focus, she has a general love of movement, music, and adventure. When she’s not dancing tango, she can be found practicing Ashtanga yoga, standing on her hands, dabbling in adult ballet, running, or climbing mountains. Motto for dance and life: “Be IN it. Get drunk in the moment” – Alonzo King