Maureen Muñoz

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Maureen Muñoz grew up listening and watching her family dance Argentine Tango. She began dancing in 2009 and in 2010 began, teaching, performing and choreographing Argentine Tango in the Seattle and Tacoma area. In 2010 she won 3rd place in the Annual Tango Salon Competition in Seattle. Also has performed and choreographed in tango shows such as Michelle Badion’s Tango Cabaret, Ese Teatro: Works of Love at ACT Theatre, Buenos Aires Grill Tango Show from 2012-2013, Seattle Folklife Festival every year since 2011 and most recently in Seattle’s Argentine Tango Showcase in 2015. Teaching and sharing her knowledge of tango is what she loves most and focuses on connection with a flexible embrace, body awareness as well as clean footwork.

She currently teaches with Carlos Urrego from Colombia, more information and upcoming events can be found on their facebook web page

Photo by Tho X. Bui and used with permission