Patty Leverett


phone: 206-595-2047

Patty Leverett has a lifelong connection to music, dance, drama and instruction. An upbringing with a very musical father, artistic mother and subsequent training in piano, flute & piccolo… helped Ms. Leverett to understand, feel & identify the variety of rhythms, tempos and moods within music. Following early training in jazz, tap and ballet, she studied modern, ballroom, folk & ethnic dance. Since 1986, after seeing the Broadway hit show “Tango Argentino” and then “Forever Tango”, Patty Leverett has studied, danced, taught & performed locally, around the U.S. and in Buenos Aires with many of the recognized masters.

In Tango classes & workshops, Ms. Leverett & her partners emphasize: connections that communicate every move, vertical posture, grounding, musicality, sensitive lead & follow skills, clean technique, refined styling, and step patterns appropriate to each level. They mutually encourage partner sharing of the dance through musical pauses and embellishment windows. Styling and step varieties are attributed to studies with maestros Nito & Elba, Carlos & Alicia, Gavito & Marcella, Miriam & Hugo, Fabian & Carolina, Julio & Corinna, Gustavo & Giselle, Fernanda & Guillermo, Gloria & Eduardo, Copes, Puglieses, Paivas, Juan Bruno, Omar Vega, Chicho… & many more.

Ms Leverett has been teaching Argentine Tango, Milonga & Vals at DanceWorks Studio in Redmond since 2001, working to share the dance she loves and build Tango community on Seattle’s eastside. Though involved in supporting Tango around Seattle & the NW, Patty has focused her efforts on teaching and hosting events in Kirkland, Bellevue, Issaquah, Redmond & Woodinville. Happily, interest in this wonderful dance form has blossomed & expanded so that, today, you have more opportunities than ever to study, practice, share & enjoy the fabulous Argentine Tango – please join us..!!!