Sara Thomsen

phone: 206-354-5266

Sara began her dance training at the age of 14, training in Classical Ballet. After spending 4 years training in Ballet, Jazz, African, and Modern dance, and Kenpo Karate, Sara discovered Argentine Tango and began studying in 1996, studying with every local visiting instructor and she also attended Tango week in Stanford.

In 1998 Sara began teaching Ballroom dance and began a successful career teaching performing, choreographing and training teachers in Ballroom dance. Countless hours of study took her through all of the 19 styles of ballroom as well as every peripheral branch of social and competitive partner dance. She also continued to educate herself in contemporary ballet, modern, flamenco, tap and other studies.

In 2000 Sara began teaching yoga and this became her primary teaching focus.

She studied with Ana Forrest in 2000 and has taught this style of yoga all over the world, both assisting Ana in teacher training through the US and Europe and on her own tour. Through working with Ana, Sara gained extensive wisdom in seeing, and helping people free the places they are blocked.

In 2005 she started spending 3-9 months a year in Buenos Aires studying with every teacher she could: Julio Balmaceda and Corina De la Rosa, Jorge Dispari, Dani Flaco, Gustavo Naviera and Giselle, Jorge DiSpari, Facundo Gil, Eugenia Parilla and Yanick Wyler, Javier Rodriguez and countless others .

Sara worked with one of the world’s most revered tango dancers, Pablo Veron for over 5 years on his methodology. His work is truly profound and the education that she received from this experience is unparalleled. The work entailed creating an organization to manage over 700 elements of tango, in addition to the innumerable combinations of these.

Sara is proud of two accomplishments while living and teaching in Seattle: starting many social skill/dance programs for kids in Seattle Public Schools, including bringing dancing classrooms to Seattle, and starting the first Tango Performance and Training Group, Tango En Vie. This group gave rise to many of Seattle’s quality dancers including Ross Yearsley, Travis Boothe, Jaqueline and Nichole, David Olsen, Coleen Boyce, Serghi, Conrad.

She founded Tango En Vie School at Salsa Con Todo and Seattle Changing Room. and brings world class artists to Seattle many times per year. She is now training interns and teaching Gyrotonic in Seattle. Sara runs two levels of dance teams which study for half a year and perform locally and abroad. She also brings students annually to Buenos Aires to delve deeply into the music, dance, and culture of the city that has become her second home.

When not in Seattle, Sara tours with Enzo Hoces of Paris, Albano Goldenberg of Buenos Aires, and on her own in the United States, Canada and abroad.