Sonny Newman


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Sonny’s Thoughts on Tango: “Tango is intimate communication and connection between two embracing dancers that uses no words. It is sensual without necessarily being sexual. Within the boundaries of a very few rules, the dance is open to endless creativity. The wide spectrum of its music ranges like human emotions — sometimes playful or passionate, other times sad or melancholy, occasionally fierce and angry.

“Tango is a living dance and, like life itself, is evolving. It has moved in a most civilized fashion fromits early origin of being a dance of dominance and submission to one of invitation and acceptance. The invitation being extended from the man’s center, the acceptance coming from the woman’s center. I think of each tango as having its own life and breath.

“To me, the endearing aspects of the dance are the ebb and flow of partners moving together and apart, the dynamics of tension and release, and the pleasure of having just spent three minutes closely sharing a “Tango Moment.” Love of music and dance has been the foundation of my life since my earliest years. After nearly 40 years as both teacher and performer of a wide variety of ethnic and social dances, I was personally transformed when first introduced to Argentine tango. The music and movement of this fascinating dance spoke to my soul like none before, and I felt compelled to pursue it. Nearly 20 years have passed since I was first introduced to the tango, and it is still the pervading force in my life today.”

About Sonny Newman: Dancer, teacher, choreographer, Sonny Newman received much of his dance training at Juilliard School of Music and Dance and at other professional studios in New York City. While in New York he trained under Jose Limon, Antony Tudor and many other great figures in the dance world. He has studied tango in Argentina and lives in Seattle where he specializes in Argentine Tango.

He has been a guest instructor at Yale, Princeton, UCLA, for The Fuex Follets in Montreal, and the University of Arizona and has been on staff at the University of Colorado and artist in residence in dance for the Seattle Parks and Recreation department. For the past sixteen years, Sonny has specialized in Argentine Tango, its history, poetry and dance. He is the founder of the large movement towards Argentine Tango in Seattle nearly twenty years ago. Sonny and his wife Nancy enjoy teaching group and private lessons, choreography and performing.

An exacting teacher, Sonny asks much of his students, and attentive pupils respond with a demonstration of ability that surprises some and pleases all. To his teaching Sonny brings over 55 years of dance experience, a knowledge of the history and culture which inspire dance, and an abiding love for music.