Tony Fan & Ilana Rubin


phone: 206-781-9553

Tony Fan and Ilana Rubin bring to tango a life-long interest in dance. They were both trained in ballet and modern dance, and bring to tango an exciting, accessible, individual style. Together, they have studied with such notable dancers as Juan Bruno, Pepito Avelleneda, Susanna Miller, Mariella Franganilla, Daniela Arcuri, Armando Orzuza, Brigitte Winkler, Rebecca Shulman, Cacho Dante, Omar Vega, Julio Balmaceda, and Corina de la Rosa, among others.

Tony and Ilana teach a regular curriculum of tango classes in the Seattle area. Their lessons, which focus on understanding the building blocks and musicality of tango, have grown increasingly popular since their first weekly classes in 1996. They are now leading one of the major tango schools in Seattle and offer special workshops around cities in the west coast. Their workshops have been featured in the Seattle’s Northwest Folklife Festival as well as many tango communities in the west coast and Canada. Their regular classes are offered through Seattle’s Neighborhood Centers, the Bellevue Ballet Arts Center, WAC, North Seattle Community College, Shoreline Community College, and Bellevue Community College.