Travis Boothe

phone: 206.422.4401

A lifetime of hard play, quiet meditation, martial arts, and active observation have shaped Travis into an expert on physical movement, structure, and health. He creates healthy lifestyles through personal training and yoga at his space, GymSmithy, and his understanding of physiology, structure, and strength make his explanations of posture and fundamental movement in tango clear and accessible. He believes movement in the form of exercise is a cornerstone of a healthy and happy life, that tango can be accessible to everyone, and he dances and teaches with joy.

Our class focuses on drills, technique, and connection. Through basic to intermediate drills and sequences we will explore: sensitivity and control in leading and following, musicality to guide expression, and connection to enhance the dance experience. We provide practical and functional elements for dancing socially, and create a foundation for the dynamic, seamless moves that make the dance beautiful to watch and amazing to feel.Come laugh, play, and learn with us. Our goal is to have fun and build community, as well as to improve.