<h2 align=center>You have reached the Seattle Argentine Tango Web site.</h2> <h3>There is a world of Argentine tango dancing here. Just about every night, if not every night, you can dance tango in Seattle. If you are viewing this text, your browser lacks the ability to read frames. Don't worry, you can still enjoy the site because the site does not use frames!</h3>


Dance The Sound Gregory Phillips

Dance InStyle Natasha Maltseva

Ingenuity Of Tango Jennifer Olsen

MichelleBadion.com Michelle Badion

Ms. Tango Patty Leverett

Night Work Press: "The Tango Book" Candace Bullard

Pivotal Tango Greg Rolnick & Lera Thompson

Porteña Tango Patricia Milillo

SeaTango-A GoogleGroups Email List for Seattle Tango Announcements

SeaTango-L GoogleGroup Email List for Seattle Tango Discussions

Tangabrazo Ben Thomas

Tango Argentino Tony Fan & Ilana Rubin

Tango Club at the University of Washington

Tango Earth Mayte Valdes & Carlos Barrionuevo

Tango Tea at La Garua John Isley

The 8th Style Jaimes Friedgen

Sonny Newman's Dance Hall Sonny & Nancy Newman

Washington Dance Club Greg Thomsen & Gery Rudolph