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Jennifer Olson

website: tangojennifer.blogspot.com

email: tangojennifer (gmail.com)
phone: (971) 219-7075

Starting her tango career in Portland (OR), tango has now taken Jennifer all over the world: to Europe , to Argentina and Uruguay, and extensively throughout the United States and Canada.

Without a home and constantly on tour for the last four years, Jennifer is happy to have found a new home base in Seattle. During her travels, she taught at festivals and gave workshops in places such as Buenos Aires, Argentina (where she lived for five months); Montevideo, Uruguay; Palma De Mallorca, Spain; Berlin, Germany; London, England; Edinburgh, Scotland; Toronto, Canada; Montreal, Canada; Portland, OR; Seattle, WA; Denver, CO; New York City, NY; Washington D.C.; Atlanta, GA; Boston, MA; Princeton, NJ (at Princeton University); New Haven, CT (at Yale University); and St. Louis, MO just to name a few.

Skilled in both leading and following, Jennifer frequently teaches alone, but has also taught regularly with known tango masters Alex Krebs, Robin Thomas, Evan Griffiths, and Damian Lobato.

Jennifer's dance is characterized by her desire to strive for versatility. Since tango is a social dance, she believes it is integral to master not only close and open embrace, but also everything in-between. Furthermore, after having a connected and comfortable embrace, nothing is more important to Jennifer than the music. This is transmitted in her teaching, as she approaches every class with a strong command over the music.

Jennifer is available for private and group lessons, djing, and performances. She also sells Comme Il Faut and NeoTango tango shoes.