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Patricia Milillo

website: www.portenatango.com

email: patrimtango (yahoo.com)
phone: (206) 329-2419

Patricia Milillo learned tango in her native Buenos Aires, dancing with the best milongueros. She has experienced and absorbed the feeling of the best milongas of Buenos Aires. She started in 1991 with Gustavo Naveira and Mingo and Esther Pugliese and, since then, she has continued dancing and taking her passion for the tango around Argentina and the USA.

As she became more involved in the tango, she also dedicated time to investigate the teaching methodology of the different steps and combinations as well as the social interaction between the two dance partners.

Her training includes modern dance, contact improvisation, aerial acrobatics and theater, all of which contribute to her unique and fluid style. In her 15 years of tango experience, she has performed and taught at events and festivals in Buenos Aires, the Pacific Northwest, and abroad, and now shares her time between Buenos Aires and Seattle.