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Tina Ferrari

website: tinatangos.com

email: tinaferrari (gmail.com)

Tina Ferrari is returning to Seattle in April after over a year spent dancing in the milongas of Buenos Aires.

Tina began studying tango more than six years ago here in Seattle, with Eva Lucero and Patricio Touceda. She has studied, taught and performed in the U.S., Italy and Argentina.

In Buenos Aires, her adopted city for the past year, she has most recently worked with legendary milonguero Pedro Sanchez as his teaching assistant. Tina especially enjoys working with couples and elaborating on the masculine and feminine roles in the dance. She is a popular follower in Buenos Aires and can be found in traditional milongas such as Cachirulo, dancing with the best of them.

Tina is known among the milongueros for her embrace and the femininity in her dance. Having made it to the "primera fila" (front row) in milongas as a foreigner in Buenos Aires, Tina is excited to spend a few months in Seattle, sharing her secrets with you on the milonguero style, the embrace, walking, the traditional "codigos" and more.