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Natasha Maltseva

website: danceinstylecompany.com

email: natasha (danceinstylecompany.com)
phone: (646) 221-7333

"Oh, you’re Russian! That’s why you dance so well!" – I hear this so often. It may be a stereotype that Russians are good dancers, but I tend to think that dancing is truly in my blood.

My primary passion in dance is simply the joy and beauty of it, and I love to share that with others. That is why I recently founded Dance InStyle Company, the school of partner dance in Bellevue, which offers a friendly, relaxed atmosphere where individuals and couples can learn social dance of all styles — Argentine Tango, ballroom, salsa, merengue, waltz, foxtrot and more.

My goal was to eliminate embarrassment factor the most new-to-dancing students have during group class. That is why I have created Semi-Private Group lessons, where no more than 3 couples are present on a floor at one time. These Semi-Private Group lessons proved to be the best value for all those students that prefer the high individual attention from teacher, low group-class cost and relaxed environment. Semi-Private Group lessons combined with Practica assures students get rapid progress, enjoy learning process and always feel at ease. I very much enjoy teaching group and private lessons, dance choreography and performing.

I think Tango is a journey not a destination, so everyone should have an opportunity to benefit from the continuous process of learning and enjoy dancing.

Students say:

"Natasha has a real pedagogic talent. To get my husband to come to class, stay and actually be able to dance was a miracle!"

"What I like the most about Natasha's teaching is "Hands on" experience.  For both the lead and the follow to interact directly is great."

"Natasha, your descriptions of the movements are very clear and easy to follow and being able to dance with you directly is a great help since you can fine tune things that would never be fixed in a larger setting."

"I like Natasha’s classes because they are small so there is lots of individual attention.   I also like the fact that we are getting a couple of pieces a night to incorporate into the larger set of moves."

"What I like the most about the classes is convenient times and for us it's a great location.  The fact that there is practice time built in is useful, I wish I could use all of the time. Having time to practice anything and getting immediate feedback is really helpful for memorizing the correct way of doing the steps."

Natasha’s Bio:

After moving to the United States, competitive Ballroom dancing quickly became Natasha’s passion. She has competed since 1997. After co-founding the Binghamton University Dance Team, and teaching private and group classes at Binghamton University in New York, she went on to achieve competitive success, winning such prestigious competitions as Intercontinental Dance Festival, DC Inferno Championships and Northeast Regional DanceSport Championships, and placing final at USA DanceSport Championships.

Through the years Natasha had been trained in jazz, modern, tap, belly-dance, flamenco, and salsa and has performed at numerous festivals and major events like Ohio Star Ball. She has also choreographed stage shows for Children’s Dance Theater, Formation dance teams, competitive couples and wedding couples.

In 2003 Natasha discovered Argentine Tango and quickly fell in love. After her last national Ballroom competition in 2004, she has devoted herself completely to Argentine Tango. She has trained with top teachers both in the United States and Buenos Aires. Her love for performance was revived through numerous tango performances in Seattle, including every weekend at the Buenos Aires Grill.